Chevrolet Cars Between 15 To 20 Lakh

Chevrolet has made its place in the headlines selling over 4.5 million Cars and trucks from the family alone in a year. Chevrolet starting its journey in 1911 by Louis Chevrolet posted its flagship in collaboration with the glorious General Motors; today has reached to be the biggest brands in the world, securing fantastic fourth position with grand sales. With more than 8 top selling cars in the family form…


What Makes a Lotus?

From the beginning, the name Lotus has been synonymous with high performance, pure unadulterated driving enjoyment; nothing else mattered but the way in which the driver enjoyed the driving exhilaration of the journey. Carmakers today try to provide a “drivers experience”, but most pale into insignificance when compared to the true on road lotus driving experience. To drive a lotus, the driver and vehicle become one, it has always been…


Repairing Your Screen Lanais

Screen lanais can be a wonderful and convenient addition to any home. Unfortunately, due to the material, it is probable that your lanais will need to be repaired at some point in time. Repairing a screen is not a project that is suited for a first time DIYer. More than the standard household tools are required to replace even a single screen panel or repair a screen door handle, and…